Mei Huang


Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach
Licensed Counselling Therapist



“Leadership coaching with Mei has been a tremendous and rewarding growth experience for me over the last nine months. It has opened my mind to new ideas, and allowed me to delve deep within myself, with expert guidance, to find solutions to challenges, helped me build confidence and prepared me more fully for future leadership opportunities. I’m extremely grateful for the coaching experience.”Paula Keating, MD
President, New Brunswick Medical Society
Family Physician, New Brunswick



“My experience with Mei was one of comfort, discovery and resolution. At the outset of our sessions she made it a priority to understand my needs. I learned much more than expected in our limited time together. Mei was able to provide effective resources to continue the work on my own after our sessions. Her compassion, understanding and commitment to helping resolve my issue was truly life changing.”Counselling Client
Fredericton, New Brunswick

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